Kitchen Lighting Gainesville FL

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Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting Gainesville FL
Kitchen lighting is an essential component to your space, as it can make or break the appearance and ambiance of your kitchen remodel. At Kitchen Lighting Gainesville FL we understand the importance of selecting the proper lighting for your kitchen redesign. With the right lighting in your home, it improves the functionality of your space and makes it easier to cook, clean, and eat. We aim to improve your kitchen lighting with high quality services and competitive pricing that will change the aesthetic of your kitchen and home.

While lighting may seem straightforward, there are a multitude of different options you can choose for kitchen lighting upgrades. Our services feature ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Kitchen light colors must also be considered when remodeling your home. Bright white lights that are about 5000 kelvin provide the best illumination in task light areas where you will be preparing food or reading recipes. Cool lights (about 4100 kelvin) can be used more frequently throughout your kitchen, providing enough light to work while keeping the ambiance. You may also consider color changing bulbs, dimmer switches, or decorative LEDs to enhance your kitchen’s style.

We can also assist you in choosing the best kitchen wall lights, low ceiling kitchen lighting, kitchen night light, kitchen sconce lights, kitchen light box, kitchen peninsula lighting, wall mounted kitchen lighting, and more. Our team will evaluate your current kitchen design and propose different options that can illuminate your home and help you see your new kitchen in a different light.

Types of Kitchen Lighting

Ambient Lighting

Ambient kitchen lighting is your main source of lighting that provides the most light in the room. The uniform distribution of lights ensures even illumination across your entire space. Glass windows and doors may be added to your kitchen design to increase the amount of ambient light, along with lighting fixtures. This type of lighting is chosen first to ensure the most functional, quality kitchen remodel. Types of ambient kitchen lighting include ceiling or wall mounted fixtures (flush or semi-flush), recessed lighting, track lighting, LED down-lights, chandeliers, and floor or table lights. You may also install a dimmer switch to give yourself more flexibility in your kitchen lighting.

Task Lighting

Task lighting can be helpful in areas where ambient lights leave shadows. This type of lighting provides better illumination for specific tasks, helping you prepare food, read recipes, cook, and clean. Kitchen Lighting Gainesville FL will help you choose the best task lighting to add more visibility to areas of your kitchen where you will need the most focused light. Common fixtures for task lighting include pendant lights, under-cabinet lighting, recessed lights, LED strips, kitchen chandeliers, puck lights, or portable desk lamps.

Accent Lighting

Accent, or decorative lights can be used to illuminate decor, details, or specific architectural features in your kitchen. Adding accent lighting to your kitchen remodel can compliment your space and highlight points of interest. Adding dimmers to your kitchen accent lighting can allow you to achieve different lighting effects separately from your ambient kitchen lighting or task kitchen lighting. Common types of kitchen accent lighting include under-cabinet lights, above-cabinet lights, track lighting, toe kick lights, picture lights, rack lighting, and sconces.

Kitchen Lighting Gainesville FL

Additional Kitchen Lighting Options

Under counter lighting

Breakfast nook lighting

Low ceiling kitchen lighting

Kitchen spotlights

Kitchen peninsula lighting

Kitchen wall lights

Kitchen night light

Kitchen sconce lights

Kitchen light box


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"From day one, it was clear that I made the right choice choosing Kitchen Remodeling in Gainesville FL.They made the process stress-free and it was evident that they truly care about their customers and the quality of their work."
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"We are so pleased with our new kitchen renovation. The team helped us pick out new countertops, new kitchen tile, paint, lighting, appliances, and kept an open flow of communication from start to finish. Kitchen Remodeling Gainesville, FL stayed within budget, stuck with our original timeline, and worked with us to bring our ideas to reality."
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